Not One Shrine – Two Food Writers Devour Tokyo by Becky Selengut & Matthew Amster-Burton

Not on Shrine


It would be tough to imagine that I WOULDN’T want to get a baby bjorn pack and put this book in it and carry it around close to my heart. I’m a huge fan of Matthew Amster-Burton just from listening to he and Molly Wizenberg’s Spilled Milk podcast. The co-author is Becky Selengut and I had to imagine that I would gel with her just because if she’s good enough for Matthew, she’s good enough for me.
The hilarious narrative is split between the two, detailing parts of their trip to edible Tokyo. There are many things that I am squeamish about as far as food goes, and this book took me directly to some of them. It made up for my nightmares by having adorable illustrations sprinkled throughout. Their experiences are colorful and sometimes bold (at least to me. I’m more of a gastronomic voyeur than explorer.)
At the end of the book, included are useful details such as suggestions for where to eat, how to find maps in Tokyo, how to use the transportation system and SIM card information if you are travelling there.


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