Every Frenchman Has One – Olivia de Havilland


every frenchman


I found Olivia De Havilland’s memoir to be refreshingly funny.  Written in 1961, De Havilland writes of the many different facets of life from an American’s perspective,  in France.  Delightfully written, DeHavilland can take a mundane topic and twirl it into a fun chapter.  We learn about French vs. American livers and whether it is men or women who have stronger bladders.  We learn what is 1960s Chic in fashion and accessories.  And we are walked through how to figure out centrigrade vs. farenheight.  But I think one of my favorite chapters involved a bathtub being kept in a rather open area in the apartment.  The description of the times and conversations harken me to a time that I have not quite lived through and miss dearly.  I think despite that, we can draw parallels from DeHavilland’s snippets of life to our own.

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