Nostalgia From: a City Set Upon a Hill



I had the pleasure of reading Nostalgia From A City Set Upon a Hill, supplied by the author, Garfield “Garry” Whyte,  in exchange for an honest review.
I personally have zero experience with boarding schools. The only one I ever knew of was the one on the Facts Of Life in the 1980s. And even then those were all girls. This memoir is about a boarding school in the 1980s with all boys. And it’s in Jamaica. The Munro college .

The weight of respect and pride put upon this college leads me to believe that anyone who went there was touched deeply by the privilege of attending. Some parents gave all they had just to send their sons to this school.

Garfield takes us through the day-to-day activities and synopsis of the various teachers just as most of us have experienced in our own school days – Which teachers were mean, the urban legends and memorable quirks of other teachers., the excitement and bonding that surrounds the prep time before a dance, the reminiscing regarding the girls from the nearby local girls school.

We are taken on a tour of the school and notably through their king of sports – Padda, and the various stories surrounding this beloved game. We get to listen in on the antics and unwritten codes of otherwise very well behaved boys of Munro.

I am a huge fan of reading about foods in places other than my norm. The food recollections were quite interesting for me. I almost wish I could try a couple !

There was also the year that the graduation ceremonies were threatened to be cancelled over the actions of one person – which is quite a threat ! Did it actually happen? You’ll have to read the book to find out!


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