Daughter of the Wolf

daughter of the wolf


Written by Victoria Whitworth, this story takes place around 850. So imagine lots of organic lands and emotions. The main character, Elfrun, is just coming of age with great responsibility and besides being faced with normal young girl issues such as crushes and learning how to grow into an adult, she is also faced with adult decisions.
I can honestly say that there was plenty of mystery in a number of things in the storyline. Without creating spoilers, I will say that I couldn’t wait to pick up my Kindle every night and get lost in these lands. The things that I’d hoped for didn’t always happen but yet ultimately they ended in a way that makes me suggest How about a sequel that starts from here? I would definitely pick delve into that as well!
Think chivalry, metalsmithing, cloaks, farms and lush landscapes. Also, think of how things had to happen in a world where the rights of all things are not yet championed.


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